About Emalco Enamelware

Welcome in the amazing world of camping, outdoor and rustic kitchenware tradition. Where passion and practicalness meet.

Who we are?

We are enamel manufacturer based in Poland, but above all travelers and camp lovers. Our mission is not only to deliver unique, high quality enamelware, but also to inspire and encourage people to put on a rucksack, just go ahead and travel around the world. We are passionate about the beauty of nature, wild adventures and forest silence. Emalco team consists of artists, designers and lovers of enameling art, who in the nature feel like at home.

How did we start with enamel?

At first the idea appeared! To create, design and share the passion with the others! Within a few years of our activity we have been lucky to meet on our path a group of outstanding people, who make up our Emalco team. Now we are like a family!


We just love enamel. It takes us to the childhood and memories, when our parents used enamelware in the kitchen. Dishes coated with this smooth glass layer, great color and unique design were an inherent element of our family cooking tradition. It accompanies us while camping and traveling. We believe that enamelware can be not only kitchen „accessory”. It can also emphasize your life-approach and home style.

What is BASECAMP EMALCO blog for us?

Basecamp Emalco blog was born from love to the camp and adventures. We are cultivating the beauty of nature and we’d like to show you a piece of our work, art and travels. It doesn’t matter if you’re beginner or experienced camp traveler. Get to know our story and share yours. We have cooperated with artists and brands from all over the world. They all have different stories and specialize in different areas. But what connects them is their passion, which is worth presenting. We’d like to share those stories to inspire you and encourage to face the adventure. Get yourself comfortable. We’d like to invite you for the exciting travel around the world, with your own enamel mug full of your favourite beverage in your hand!