When design meets nature.

We’d like to introduce Kasia, an awesome person and very talented artist who designed two first Emalco Enamelware collections.

What was your inspiration in designing Spring enamelware collection?

In my opinion, enamelware is associated with idyll. When I think about enamel, I see my great grandmother’s home in the countryside, with lots of greenery and singing birds. I just wanted to grasp all those memories and make delicate theme. It was very important to me to create something traditional, but with a fresh look.

When the idea of Forest collection appeared?

At some point of my life I dedicated every free time to hike in the mountains, I watched animals in their natural habitat. I really love to be close with the nature and to feel like a part of it. Wolves and deers were the main residents in the woods. They were my keynote. Mountains, forest and animals – it’s the unity.

How the patterns for enamelware were designed? Was it difficult to create a design for such product?

In truth, the process of designing depends on many factors. For whom are you designing, what is the purpose of the product, what is the idea. There are some projects that are closer to you than others, so you put your heart and soul into it. “Forest” stole my heart from the first sight and I spend much more time to create it than usually.

Both collections are like your children. Do you love them fairly or favor only one of them?

To be honest – “Spring” is my favorite one. I love the flexibility of those dishes – they may be used as regular kitchenware or during casual meetings with friends. Whole collection is really elegant, what makes it usable in almost every situation. It’s very practical!

SPRING - tekstylia

We would like to thank you for two beautiful collection, which are available in our online store! Hope someday we could cooperate again and create some more delightful enamelware!