“I’m all over the map” – Interview with Jon Brommet

Is it about talent, motivation or luck? What does it take to have you’re design on the whole collection of enamel kitchenware? You will know after reading this interview with Jon Brommet.

You’re the designer of the newest collection Arrow of Emalco Enamelware. How did you come up with the idea of design?

Whenever I sit down to design for a specific purpose, I try and think about a scene that makes sense. I look at enamel mugs as the perfect camping mug. So I essentially write down all the obvious things. I put down things like a tent, a campfire, marshmallows, stars, etc.

When I was young I was in Beaver or Scouts or something where all these kids are taught the basics of survival. So we went on a camping trip and I remember bears being a big concern. We had to put our food in sealed plastic bags and then we put them in the river tied by a rope to a tree. That way the bear couldn’t smell the food. But we left on a hike and by the time we got back the food had disappeared. I’m guessing we didn’t tie the knot well enough and it floated away. On the same trip the leaders told us about how the natives had made bows and arrows. They told us the idea of smashing rocks against each other to make arrowheads. We were too young to have any success, but this trip popped into my head as I don’t camp much now.

What inspires you generally as an Artist?

I’d love to have some kind of cool answer here. But the truth is, other artists. I knew I wanted to be a designer when I was around 12 I believe. I had already drawn every
skateboard company logo in my notebooks for years. I remember looking at a can of pop, I think it was the old Pepsi logo and thinking it was awesome. I asked my mom who made it and she said a graphic designer. That was it for me. Now it’s so easy to follow amazing artists on social media that keep me inspired. I follow dads who have multiple kids, a full time design job by day and then freelance all night. I don’t have any kids yet, so those people really inspire me to find the time to improve. If they can find the time, anyone can.

Do you have any memories about the enamelware? Did you use enamelware, for example, in childhood?

I actually don’t. As a kid, I was more interested in video games and computers! I happened to grow up in a really beautiful place called Muskoka in Canada. A few years ago it was rated the #1 best place for a summer trip in the world by National Geographic. So I have always been surrounded by beautiful trees, landscapes, and wildlife. I think for that reason, I didn’t appreciate it as a child. As I get older that is definitely changing. I just love the aesthetic and look of enamel now. It’s classic and fun. I ramble a lot, can you tell?

Jon Brommet, the author of Arrow collection.

You are a designer of stickers, patches and enamel pins. Your illustrations have original and specific style. Who do you dedicate your products to?

That’s funny you ask that. I’ve never really considered myself to have a style. As a Graphic Designer, I have to wear a lot of hats. I need to be able to design a great logo for a construction company, a candle company, a clothing company, and who knows what else in a single day. They really shouldn’t all have a similar look as it wouldn’t make sense for every brand. But when I draw, I think my brain just sees illustration a certain way. I love modern, simplistic design, and then I love crazy intricate design too. I’m all over the map. But somehow, when I create art for myself, it does tend to have the modern outdoor look to it. It’s a bit trendy right now, but I have to draw what I like when it’s for my own products. I have spent more time lately thinking of how I can push myself and be more unique from others.

We organized together a contest for an enamel mug project. We’ve got a lot of entries. What do you think about all of them? Maybe some of them surprised you?

Yes! As part of a Skillshare class I taught students how to design for a mug. I really loved seeing all the different designs that people came up with. I pushed them in the outdoor/camping theme for the sake of the project, but it’s always fascinating to see how another mind works. Since I had designed my own mug a few months prior, there were so many ideas that students had that I never considered. That’s what is cool about art. I love seeing something where I think “Why didn’t I think of that?”.


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