Camping checklist – KITCHEN

Guide on your camping must-haves to cook outdoor

You have been planning your camp trip for very long time and again… after setting off it turned out that you forgot something. Whether it is a small enamel mug, bottle opener or stove –  you’re steaming. We realize, that packing for a camp trip is not easy. Even experienced camp lovers forget about necessary stuff and they learn by experience how to prepare for a long or short-term trip. So we decided to draw up the list of basic and inherent stuff you’ll need while camping. Whether you’re beginner of camp expeditions or experienced camp fan, it’s necessary to follow the camp checklist while packaging. With this list you won’t take any third wheel!

From the very beginning we focus on camp cookware. Outdoor cooking is very enjoyable. Imagine delicious grilled snacks in the fresh air, hot campfire bacon or vegetable. Obviously, outdoor food preparation differs from cooking in a home kitchen where you have all needed equipment and, just in case, a grocery nearby.

So let’s check out the list of „must have camping gear”!

1. Gas stove, barbecue or just… campfire!

Hot meals are irreplaceable, especially after spending all day outside. The essence of the camp trips is outdoour activities (hiking, fishing, sailing). Sports, the nature and the fresh air make your appetite increase and you’re getting hungry very fast. So the first place on our checklist is a gas stove or barbecue. Be sure to also take with you matches or the firesteel.

2. Camping cookware

Camping cookware must be easy to use, transport and wash up. Best choice? Durable enamelware which is created especially for camping lovers and can be put directly in a campfire. Enamelware is very useful and safe to drink and eat outdoors. Enamel doesn’t contain any dangerous ingredients. Besides that, it’s practical: easy to pack and transport, light, more eco than plastic and won’t break even in extreme camping circumstances.

You can take a look at Emalco enamelware for light and durable enamel camping kitchenware:

3. Cutting board

Camping cookware is necesseary but you have to organize a place to prepare your meals. Care about decent-sized cutting board to do it in good conditions.


4. Cutlery

When you take enamelware, don’t forget about the cutlery – unless you’d like to eat with your hands which is also great!?



5. Pocketknife

Survival pocketknife is total camp MUST-HAVE. Why? It’s useful not only in the camp kitchen. It’s individual choice what type of pocketknife you buy, but you should take notice on these attributes: size, type of blade, tang, handle, pommel.

6. Thermos

For hot, delicious coffee or tea to keep it warm for long hours.




7. Food-storage containers and pocket flask

Bottles and jars for food or beverages – choose those which are easy-to-use and carry, and of course – durable. Before packing them decide: how many people will be on the camping trip  and how much food needs to be stored ?

8. Cooler

High quality cooler is the best way to keep your food fresh – meats, cheeses and milk should be stored below 40˚F (4,5˚C). What features should the right cooler have?  It depends on your needs. Decide on size, storage capacity and other features like: portability  and insulation performance.

9. Bottle opener

Let’s face it – cooler is necessary not only for food ? Enjoying beer around the campfire or by the lake is also an essential part of the camping trip ? But to make it possible, you have to take a solid bottle opener with you!


10. Camping waste bin

After all those delicious snacks and meals  you have to remember to keep the campsite clean. So remember to take a container, a bag or bin which will be used as a waste bin.



We hope our basic checklist will help you to prepare for a camping trip. But remember, it concerns only camp kitchenware and utensils. We realize that there are a lot of items to take for a camp – we’ll try to list them in the future posts.

Do you have any essentials when you prepare your “camp kitchen” that we didn’t mention? Every camp lover has its own list of tricks to share. Just add it in a comment!