Connect with your life – Interview with Jordi Trias

What is more important: you or your surroundings? How does your enviroment shapes you? See what inspires the author of design on our most popular mugs from the Wisdom collection!

You won the contest for mug design, which we organized in the cooperation with Jon Brommet. Your collection gained popularity among our customers. What was your inspiration while creating the Wisdom collection?

Yes! I’m very happy to be the winner. When I saw the contest in Jon Brommet’s skillshare class with the mug he created for Emalco, I was very motivated to design a mug for you. I tried to incorporate my lifestyle into both: design and illustration. I love to be in connection with nature. That’s where I get the desired inspiration and creativity from. I believe it is very important to be connected with life and with whatever surrounds us – nature is a place where all the ideas are born as well as the will to achieve our dreams and goals.

Your design was selected from nearly 100 entries we’ve got. How long did you work on the project?

Yes, at first I was working on a design for two days trying to make it look like I wanted and I was ready to upload it, but a few days before the contest end I looked again at my design and I realized I don’t like it anymore (laugh), so I worked two full days on the final design and I did a few color options. I was excited for my new design.

Was it difficult for you to create a design for enamel mug?

It wasn’t difficult but it was new for me, I’ve never designed for the enamel mug. I really enjoy how the mugs look with graphics on them, I like to put graphics on everything. (laugh)

Tell us more about your work as a designer. When have you started designing? What in general does inspire you and why?

I’ve started designing a long time ago, but it was only for me, just for fun. I enjoyed creating icons and I have spent a lot of time watching tutorials for photoshop and illustrator. Then when I was older I went to design school. I did a few freelance jobs, I worked in several agencies doing a lot of  graphics for everything you can imagine. And a few years ago I started freelance again with more experience and knowledge on the subject.

Do you have any childhood memories about the enamelware? Did you use it as a child in yours or your family’s home?

Yes I have. I  remember my grandma had a lot of enamelware. She had a lot of mugs in all sizes. I remember one that had the interior like tiny paint splatters with a white background and it was black in the outside. But I had never seen enamelware with designs on them, they are amazing!

So mugs you’ve got from us as an award in the contest are your first enamel mugs with the design! We hope you enjoy using them!

designer camp mug

I love those mugs!! When they arrived I was very excited. I received a lot of mugs and they were very organized and protected in boxes for each mug. I use them all the time! The teal one is for drinking tea and the other one for coffee (laugh), I give some of them to friends and family and they all love the mugs, they are amazed with the quality and the design. Hope we can do a collaboration in the future for other enamelware products I love them!!!

We are proud of the quality, but the design is all yours! Thank you very much for this interview, Jordi.

Jordi Trias mugs and candles in mugs are available in our shop.