Choose your multitool

Do you know any camp-lover who doesn’t have it? We don’t. Multi-tool is the most popular piece of equipment that we have in our backpack during every journey. For many people that gadget may be even like some kind of symbol or a talisman. This product combines many useful minitools and is designed for your comfort. You can use it in many diverse situations – at home, on camping and even when you’re working on your car. Today we want to introduce you a few great multi-tools.

They are useful, small, light-weight and absolutely necessary to have. Multi-tool makers constantly try their best to meet growing expectations of camp-enthusiasts and step by step, they add another tools. Now we can buy very extended gears, so we can take to the camping a big toolbox in the small pocket.


A lot of multi-tools available in number of shops are full of more or less necessary tools and features. However, don’t let awesome gadgets set aside the essence of a multi-tool, that is: workability. Essential tools in your gadgets are: knife, scissors, wood saw and pliers. If you’re not fan of survival-type of your travels and prefer effortless relax, more important for you will be: bottle opener, knife and spork. Make sure to find the multi-tool that meets your basic needs. Those we mentioned should be available even in the simplest models. Multi-tools’ prices start at about 10$, but you should remember that it won’t be the most durable accessory in the world. Main producers are selling their items for 30-400$. When you buy multi-tool by Gerber, Columbia River, Victorinox, GRN Sneath or Leatherman, you’ll have certainty that you’ll be enjoy your choose.

Note: This is NOT sponsored article. We are camp-lovers and we described tools that we find interesting, basing only on our opinion.

Leatherman: Charge TTI Multi-Tool

Leatherman is one of the most popular producers of multi-tool’s. In their offer, you can find many diverse models. Charge TTI Multi-Tool is a smart combination of multi-tools that people already loved. In that model you have nineteen tools that you can use at camping. This multi-tool have everything and even more: locking blade, two Philips screwdrivers, standard screwdriver, eyeglass screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener, wire stripper, scissors, fingernail file, lanyard ring, wood saw, pliers, wire cutter, hard-wire cutters and ruler. It’s weight is only 8,2 ounces.

Gerber: Evo Tool

Gerber is another big company that makes multi-tools. The Evo Tool maybe isn’t as extended as the previous one, but it also have everything you might want. Ten tools with many functions in pocket-size. Needle nose pliers, pincher style wire cutter, saw blade, cross driver, fine edge blade, scissors, bottle opener, can opener, serrated knife and lanyard make that tool good enough to choose exactly that model.  Best at camping, useful at home. What else can you wish for?

gerber evo tool
Gerber Gear – Evo Tool


Victorinox: SwissTool X

Straight form the Switzerland. And that says it all… Perfection and reliability that we’ve known for ages. You can find million ways for using it at home and in nature. You don’t believe? Just look! You’ll find: needle-nosed pliers, wire cutter for thin and soft wire up to 40 HRC, hard wire cutter, blade, scissors, wood saw, reamer, can opener, screwdriver, bottle opener, wire bender, screwdrivers, Philips screwdriver, strong crate opener, chisel, wire stripper, wire scraper, lanyard hole, ruler, metal saw and metal file. If you choose that multi-tool, you’ll become a professional without a big toolbox.

Victorinox SwissTool X




The producer of PowerGrab – SOG Knives is another very popular multi-tool’s manufacturer. That model has nineteen tools in one pocket-size gear. If you choose that one, you’ll get: ¼” driver, awl, blades, bolt grip channel, bottle opener, can opener, files, flat screwdrivers, manetic hex bit driver, needle nose pliers, Phillips screwdriver, ruler, scissors, wire crimper and wire cutters. Easy to use, comfortable to carry.

CRKT: Eat’N Tool

It’s not classic multi-tool, but we think you should find a home for that in your backpack. This spork is very cheap but it is still very needful camping gear. Cutlery is not all – in that small multi-tool besides spork you can find also bottle opener, flat screwdriver and 6, 8, 10mm Hex. Cost? Around 8$.

The winner, ladies & gentleman:

Absolutely awesome and innovative. Leatherman again with its great bracelet.


Are you trying to choose the best one? We think that these models above are the best. They are reliable, invulnerable and very useful. Choose your one and go to the wilderness.