If you care for your health, choose candles carefully

The autumn is coming. It’s the time when we especially lack the warmth of the Sun and we often substitute it with the warm atmosphere of candle light.

Are you sure you know all the important data about every-day used candles?

Unfortunately, the most popular are paraffin candles. If it’s not written otherwise you can be sure that the candle you have is made using the paraffin wax. And why “unfortunately”? Standard, paraffin candles are not as innocent as they seem! But don’t worry, there is eco equivalent available ?

When we focus on the topic more carefully, it turns out we should put paraffin candles back on the shelf, or even better, throw them out. Paraffin wax is produced using petroleum, brown coal or the tar. That is enough of an argument for people valuing healthy and ecological lifestyle. We care about the environment, so we definitely choose eco-friendly soy candles!

Burning standard candles can affect us like passive smoking!

The American Society in USA have run tests on paraffin candles. As a result, we can learn that paraffin candles discharge number of toxic chemicals when burned. During the test, paraffin candles were burning for 5 hours and the carbon filter were catching any substances released as the byproduct. Next, those substances were analyzed and sadly, cancerogenic benzene and toluene were found (both cause headaches).

The soot that appears while burning paraffin candles is similar to the one that comes from the exhaust pipes of a diesel engine vehicles. You can presume it is just as dangerous for our health as passive smoking and might cause headaches and in extreme situations even lungs cancer.

Not only paraffin wax is dangerous, but also the wick!

Paraffin wax is not the only threat in most commonly used candles. The standard cord wick is very often enriched with lead to make it more stiff. The lead can be very acrid to the lungs when it’s burning.

Sound scary? Now try to remember the number of candles burned in your house in the last years, with closed windows, during long, cold evenings…

If you think you have to say good bye to nice evenings with candles, it’s not true!


Eco soy candle

Have you heard about soy candles? They are full of great features!


Soy candles are full of advantages! They are 100% natural, made from soy beans, so they are vegan friendly. They burn cleanly, without emitting any toxic substances. Additionally, soy candles burn up to 50% longer than toxic paraffin candles. What is also very important, they are perfect for people suffering from allergies. You can safely light them in the presence of your children.

In Emalco we also use a wooden wick in our soy candles, which also has advantages over traditional wick. Our wooden wick is a 100% wood with no toxic or dangerous additives.

Soy candles are better even when it comes to cleaning! You probably know how problematic it is to clean wax when the candle falls and pours on your carpet or tablecloth… You can now forget about waiting for the paraffin wax to get cold and then ironing it until you have nothing but the greasy stain… To clean poured out soy candle all you need are: any cloth and a soapy water.

“Soy candles with wood wick burn clean, long and are perfect for original home decoration. They are hand poured into enamel mugs, which can be used for drinking coffee after burning the whole wax”. – Says Anna Brzozowska, the co-owner of Emalco Enamelware.

Not many companies produce soy-candles, but they are getting more and more popular. In several years they will crowd the paraffin ones out.

It’s definitely time to throw out all the paraffin candles, or put them out on the balcony or porch. To care for the health of you, your children, your guests and your pets, choose soy candles for your home.

Eco soy-candle in eco enamel container for you and your family…

In Emalco, soy candles are served in enamel mugs so they are super eco – you can use the container afterwards for long years, because enamel mugs are very durable and practical.

We are in love with those candles! If you want to check out Emalco’s soy candles, by all means be our guest!

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