How to make a difference to the world this Christmas?

Do you want to change the world for the better?

Christmas are great to start!

Last time we wrote about the problem that appears during the winter time. If you haven’t seen it, click here to read how Christmas became the disturbing mechanism that unfortunately all of us take part in.

We obviously can’t change the whole world. But the good news is: we can change our world, be responsible for our behavior and spread the proper behavior.

As you know, Emalco is eco. Our products are handmade and we use craft paper. Instead of importing from Asia, we support small and regional businesses in any cooperation we need. When we decided to produce candles, we have chosen the most eco and healthy version. Today we’ll help you prepare for Christmas in more environment-friendly way than a year ago.

eco Christmas
Eco soy candles in Norwegian sweater enamel mug


The wasting festival starts when we buy food for Christmas much earlier than we need to, when we don’t even know what we’re going to cook for Christmas.

Solution: Make a Christmas menu. Involve not only dinners, but also beverages, snacks and sweets. Don’t try to fool yourself, that you’re going to eat healthy and avoid calories. The point of planning, the food is not to start the diet, but to shop smartly. So plan what you’re going to eat as the main meal and as all those great little snack while sitting with friends and family. You probably won’t eat everything during Christmas and it’s wise to have something on the off-chance, so think of food that you can easily refrigerate for later. Only when you’ll have a menu ready, make a shopping list and (the toughest part) stick to it when shopping.


I don’t know how you react when you unpack your Christmas ornaments, but I believe the often reaction is “wow, it’s so beautiful, I haven’t remembered I’ve got this!”. Sounds familiar? As soon as stores start selling Christmas ornaments, we are amazed by new designs that weren’t available last year, but what’s the point of buying so much new stuff when we already have plenty at our home?

Solution: Don’t buy ornaments as soon as you’ll see them in a store. Don’t worry that they will sell out during those several days. You have enough time to return back home, check your supply and return to the store in a week or two. Of course on the condition that you really need them.


The fact is that packing paper will be thrown out after unwrapping Christmas gifts. It will be crumpled or ripped so there’s no point of saving it for later. As we wrote before – the wrapping paper is bought only for the several minutes of unpacking presents. Then it’s thrown away. The ribbon, on the other hand, can be used several times.

Solution: Use the paper that is already and can be again later recycled, so it won’t be such a devastation of the environment when we will use it just for a moment. When you tie a ribbon, make it easy to untie in one piece so it can be re-used for other purposes at home. You can also avoid plastic bows and ribbons and go for natural decoration. See how beautifully you can wrap gifts using craft paper and without any synthetic additives.


There are always people that we have no idea what to buy for them. The chance is, that we will eventually give them things they will throw out. So why generate waste and stimulate production of plastic junk?

Solution: Go for gifts that are immaterial, practical or eco. Last time we gave you advice about giving tickets and vouchers which is a great idea.

If you want to choose something more universal for people of all ages and sexes, we have an idea for practical and eco gift.

This year we launched soy candles in practical enamel mugs. They have so many advantages!

  • Soy candles are environment friendly and vegan. They are produced using soy seeds that are all natural. Paraffin, on the other hand, are produces using petroleum, brown coal or the tar.
  • The wick is wooden, so again: all nature. Standard wicks in paraffin candles are very often enriched with lead to make it stiffer.
  • Soy candle + wooden wick produces 100% healthy fire. You can light it at your home in the presence of small children without hesitation. They are also great for people with allergies. Paraffin candles emit toxic and cancerogenic substances to the air and using it frequently can be as dangerous as passive smoking.
  • When you give soy candle as a gift, you in fact give luxurious product and show your awareness of the modern world threatens.
  • When the candle will burn out, the receiver is left not with a useless container to be thrown out, but with a very practical, durable and cute mug that can be used for years.
  • Enamel mug that is filled with the soy wax is great itself. It can be used in a dishwasher, on the induction cooker, in the oven or even directly in the bonfire. It is lightweight, and very durable, so they are great for travels.
  • They are very, very, very cute! Just look ?
christmas soy candles
So take into consideration the environment. And above all spend a minute on a question: who are you and who do you want to be?