Outdoor coffee on 10 ways

Guide on making delicious coffee in the wilderness.

No matter if you are in a 5 star hotel, at home or in the middle of the forest, you can always enjoy a cup of good coffee. Of course the way we drink coffee differs depending on the circumstances we are in. However, we still have a variety of ways for brewing coffee outdoor! You can choose if you want to enjoy the taste of espresso just like from the coffee machine or have your coffee rather rough, matching the outdoor style.

Today we present you 10 ways for preparing coffee outdoor. Let’s test them all!

1. Homemade coffee bags

camping coffee mug
Forest coffee mug, perfect for camping

You can prepare them at home, before your journey or take some spare paper filters with you to fill them with fresh coffee on the camping. All you need to do is to put ground coffee to this coffee filter, bound it to secure coffee from falling out and put it in your coffee mug.

Great tip! After the use, let the coffee dry and save it. You can lit it later in the evening. The smoke from burning coffee is a great mosquitoes repellant!

2. Last minute coffee bags

camping coffee mug
Arrow coffee mug, perfect for camping

You forgot to buy paper coffee filters before camping? Or maybe you didn’t remember to take them with you? That’s not a problem. Cloth is as good as paper to use as a coffee filter. You can use a tea towel, old t-shirt or even a sock! Just like in the case of paper bag: just put some ground coffee on the cloth and secure it with the string to create a bag. Place it in a coffee mug, pour the boiling water and wait for your coffee to infuse. The difference between material coffee bag and the paper one is that you can use the cloth several times. Just rinse it with water and let dry to use it again.

3. Paper towel for bigger amount of coffee

Are you preparing a whole coffee pot for your friends or family? There is no need to use several small coffee bags when you can make one big filter. If you have a strainer take several pieces of paper towel and place it on a strainer on top of a coffee pot. Add coffee and pour hot water. It will work just as good as a coffee filter.

4. Holder for coffee filters

camping coffee mug
Wisdom coffee mug. Photograph by Michael Boehnlein

We believe steel coffee filter holder is one of the most practical piece of equipment. When collapsed, it takes very little space. When extended, it’s just as good for holding a filter as your coffee machine. Just take as much coffee filters as you need and enjoy delicious coffee even in the middle of the forest, just like here.


5.  Collapsible silicone filter

You don’t like to generate a lot of waste? You can buy a reusable coffee filter from the GSI Outdoors. It can be folded to take minimum space. I doesn’t need paper filters – it filters coffee on its own. After the use, just rinse it with water, fold and you’re ready to go!

6. AeroPress

AeroPress set: coffee machine to take into the woods.

We couldn’t forget about well-known AeroPress. Purchased usually for home kitchens, can be easily used on camping. Fast filtering can still give you very good taste of coffee! It’s not the smallest equipment, but it’s light and of good quality. And you can also use it at home – it’s not only for camping.

7. Handpresso

Would you believe you can make real Italian espresso in the woods? To be more precise: using the espresso machine with the pressure of 16 bar without having to plug it? It is possible with Handpresso. For those of you who like when the coffee is just perfect, even when you’re in the wilderness, without electricity. Hand pump with containers for coffee and water is a size of small bicycle pump and still it can give you the experience of real espresso like from the coffee machine. You can see it HERE.

8. Moka pot AKA the cafetiere

Most commonly used in Europe (especially Italy) and South America. Coffee from cafetiere is delicious, strong and just perfect. The biggest practical advantage is that it can be placed directly into the fire, it doesn’t need additional kettle or any other container to boil water.

9. Pocket Pourover

Kuju Pocket PourOver

Kuju Pocket PourOver is a good choice if you like to make your coffee quickly without having to take a lot of different equipment. Just open the package, place it on the coffee mug and pour boiled water to the mug. Wait a few minutes and voila! It can be advantage for some and disadvantage for other, that Kuju Pocket Pour Over already contains coffee. It is for sure easy and convenient to use.

10. Cowboy coffee

camping cowboy coffee
Arrow camping set


Back to the roots, ladies and gentlemen! If you want to feel the real outdoor experience, do it the classic style. All you need is: fire, water, ground coffee and any pot or mug that can be put on the fire. Every cowboy has its own way of brewing coffee perfectly and we believe every cowboy’s way is the proper way of doing it. But there are two basic differences: You can add ground coffee to a pot and fill it with water, then boil it OR you can almost boil water and then add ground coffee. After boiling take it from the fire, stir several times in a 4-5 minutes time period and sprinkle cold water to your coffee. Slowly pour your coffee to mugs and enjoy!