Grilled salmon

Foil wrapped salmon with herbs and lemon Fish are a great idea to diversify your camp menu. They are easy to prepare, delicious and first of all – healthy. They don’t stay fresh for long so it is best to prepare them for the first dinner. We have a tradition in Basecamp Emalco to start…

First Family Camping

Camping with kids for the first time? With Emalco every challenge turns into an enjoyable adventure! First family camping… that sounds great! Camping can beef your  children’s experience up and be a great variation from playing at home. Spending time together around the campfire and in the fresh air is much better way for spending a…

Camping checklist – KITCHEN

Obviously, outdoor food preparation differs from cooking in a home kitchen where you have all needed equipment and, just in case, a grocery nearby.
So let’s check out the list of „must have camping gear”!

Steak with wild herb butter

Many of camp fans don’t imagine camping without well-prepared steak. So we start our new cycle CAMP KITCHEN with an easy beef steak recipe.