Connect with your life – Interview with Jordi Trias

What is more important: you or your surroundings? How does your enviroment shapes you? See what inspires the author of design on our most popular mugs from the Wisdom collection! You won the contest for mug design, which we organized in the cooperation with Jon Brommet. Your collection gained popularity among our customers. What was…

Camping checklist – KITCHEN

Obviously, outdoor food preparation differs from cooking in a home kitchen where you have all needed equipment and, just in case, a grocery nearby.
So let’s check out the list of „must have camping gear”!

Nature, Balance & Love – Interview with Nabalo

Nabalo: Iris and Rolf – authors of lifestyle blog NABALO about the nature, travelling, adventure and… coffee 🙂 They promote a lifestyle of happiness and inspire us everyday! Get to know them! Your name, Nabalo, has its own history and roots. Tell us more about this idea. Nabalo is the combination of three aspects that we base…

Steak with wild herb butter

Many of camp fans don’t imagine camping without well-prepared steak. So we start our new cycle CAMP KITCHEN with an easy beef steak recipe.

When design meets nature.

We’d like to introduce Kasia, an awesome person and very talented artist who designed two first Emalco Enamelware collections. What was your inspiration in designing Spring enamelware collection? In my opinion, enamelware is associated with idyll. When I think about enamel, I see my great grandmother’s home in the countryside, with lots of greenery and…